Sunday, November 8, 2009


The final season of Lost doesn’t begins until early 2010. Though if your jonesing for a fix, check out these Lost-esque sites with lots of Q and not much A. Some refer to seasons past, but with the lack explanation offered it probably won’t matter.


This logo appeared mysteriously on a water bottle Juliet found last season. Which technically was on day 123 in 2004?

FIND 815:

This is the starting page to the second online alternate reality game from the creators at Lost. The first was appropriately called the Lost Experience. Played neither of 'em, but heard you get a sliver of an answer to some episode two seasons ago if you finish it.


The mysterious scientific research company run by Mr. philanthropist himself, Alvar Hanso. If anyone has the login code I'd be much obliged.


The site of the airlines that brought the Lost gang to the island. Currently all flights are cancelled. Zoinks! Could be a clue.

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