Sunday, November 8, 2009


by Biz-Boy (NWM Staff Writer)

Howard Stern’s sidekick / comedian Artie Lange has made no bones about his love for foods of the high-caloric variety. So what’s his favorite out of the bunch? Probably depends on his mood and where he is in the country. Though if Artie is in Hoboken, NJ, dollars to powdered, creamed donuts he'll make a stop at his favorite pizza place – UPTOWN PIZZERIA. To be honest, I have to side with Artie. This za doesn’t disappoint. I had a pepperoni sausage slice from there a couple of years back. Man was it good. The tomato sauce was slightly sweet with just the right amount of spices. I could totally taste the fresh mozzarella. And the crust was crispy, but not too dry. Perfecto. Didn’t even need to add any garlic powder. Next time you’re over by 54 14th St. in Hoboken, NJ, you gotta stop by for a try. For the true Artie-experience, order a slice of Sicilian.

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