Wednesday, June 2, 2010


A-OK. An innocent gesture I’ve used many, many times to let my friends and family know that something is (for the lack of a better word), ok. Of course now that I know 82.5% of the planet would see me as a douche if I use it, I’d think twice about flashing the sign. At least in front of these peeps or in the following places.

Deaf Community: If the gesture is parallel to the ground it means your signing that someone is an asshole.

Germany: Flashing the sign while driving means you are insulting the police. If the German pigs catch you doing it there could be a pricey fine in your future.

Homophobic bigots of Turkey / Venezuela / Peru: Use this insult to start fights (it means you have a deep passion for anal sex from the same sex).

Homophobic bigots of South Americans: Use this gesture in place of calling someone a derogatory term for a homosexual (slightly different meaning than the Turkey one).

Japan: Flash the sign in this country and you're telling someone you have zero money (yen).

Europeans: Whip out this gesture to refer to someone as a drunk.

Mexico: Use this gesture here if you are hungry for some eggs or the sexual act of fellatio.

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  1. Gee, and here I thought it just meant "ZERO" when my 19 year old comes up to me and asks if I've got a ten spot she can borrow.

  2. Oh my!!! This is GREAT information!!!! Thank you!!!

  3. I've lived in Japan for 10 years and I didn't know that about yen. Everyone I know uses it in the same regard as we do.
    I have though instructed my students to be wary when using that gesture abroad for exactly the reasons you state!
    George Bush once insulted the entire country of Australia by flashing them the Peace Sign with his palm inward...that is the equivalent of the Middle Finger salute!

  4. Regarding the Mexican one, that could make for an awkward moment at a cafe. I guess I better just learn the language if I ever visit.

  5. what if you're a drunk, broke, asshole of a cop who thinks he's having an a-okay night?

  6. I thought it was gang-speak for "west side."

  7. awesome research you've done. i love all of your "douchey did you know" posts :)

  8. Well...looks like I'm going to Mexico! Ole!

  9. Interesting, apparently it also means 666. So there's a new one to add to the list.

  10. Glad I clicked over - a very informative blog you've got here!

  11. That's why I always use the thumbs up....


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