Saturday, June 12, 2010


First off, I just wanna say I can't stand nitpickers. I hate 'em all with a passion.
"This coffee is too hot."
"ugh. That picture looks crooked."
"You call this highgrade crack?"
Though if something is so blatant you really have to call it out. Today's Huffington is no exception to the rule. Just check the media section and you'll see what I mean. The article is something about Sarah P., but how would you know with that rough edged "W" staring you right in the face. True, I am viewing it on my iPhone (on the edge network), but I'm going to make a grand assumption in thinking that this gross injustice is showing up on computer screens too. Way to screw the pooch Huffington. Not good.

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  1. I'm a tad confused also fucker... Doesn't take too much though.

    I'm a nit picker... I can't stand shit in my sink. I will kill you. It wasn't there BEFORE, clean that shit up!

  2. That isn't picky. They should have made sure it was a clean read regardless of screen size.

  3. well i was going to burn that shit cause Ms. Palin was on the cover... but now THIS?!?


  4. as a creative person, it is your instinct to notice things being a bit "off" graphically. that's why you're so kick-ass at what you do.
    also why i am obviously jealous of your skills :(

  5. So wait.... Is it Palin or the W that's a little rough around the edges?


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