Thursday, June 3, 2010


When I was a kid (in the late 70s) I remember reading comic books that had Batman fighting his arch nemesis, the Penguin. Now I’m sure some Freudian could’ve drawn perverted parallels between the Penguin’s umbrella weapon and a penis. Though you’d really have to look long and hard (sorry) to get that hidden message. I mean the comic books I read then were for kids of all ages. 
Can’t really say that about any of the super hero books today. Especially if you thumb through the issue JUSTICE LEAGUE – RISE OF THE ARSENAL #3. Here’s just some of the f'd up freakiness you’ll find. 

Pg. 8 – Red Arrow tries to have sex with his ex-wife and experiences performance anxiety (can't get it up).

Pg. 13 – Red Arrow beats a bunch of street toughs to a pulp trying to get drugs. Once they are out for the count our hero tries to score heroin from the same dealer. 

Pg. 14 – Red Arrow freebases off what looks like an iPad.

Pg. 20- 21 – Red Arrow comes down from his “heroin” high only to realize he's beat the living crap out of a bunch of gang members with a dead cat.

Don’t want to give the rest away, but you can pick up JUSTICE LEAGUE – RISE OF THE ARSENAL #3 at your local comic book store now.

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  1. THAT is what is passing for comic books nowadays?!?!?! I am sooo glad I don't have kids.....

  2. for some reason when i look at the images of these superheros i can imagine weenies secretly etched into their muscles. i doubt you have any idea what i'm talking about. ha ha.

  3. Kids in general don't buy comics anymore so they're playing towards the adults who do. I really haven't been into superhero comics myself since I was a kid. I still geek out for graphic novels though.

  4. Love the reference to an iPod...that actually made me laugh out loud.

    Sick comics, though! SICK!

  5. I'm wondering about a deeper meaning behind the dead pussy cat.
    PS I did not write that. That is sicker than your brain and this post. I must have hackers.

  6. Wow! Comics ain't what they used to be!

    Marlene - I laughed at the i-Thing too!

  7. No wonder the world is going down the crapper!

  8. Ah Copyboy. Never a dull moment. i-Thing rules!

  9. Wow, I guess comic books are just running out of the good wholesome topics to use.

  10. Comic books are exploring ever-more deplorable depths of taboo and perversion than when I was a kid.

    I'm so jealous!

  11. Woah! I am so glad that my kids is not into comic books. Although he probably wouldn't understand what is going on anyways!

  12. That's f'n hysterical. I thought you'd be making this up if you didn't post pics. Maybe I should start reading comics again.


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