Thursday, January 14, 2010


I AM NOT OLD. Oh sure I’m 39. So yes, to my 23 yr. old co-workers I’m 1 year away from ancient. Though honestly I feel like I can relate to them on almost every level. Their music doesn’t suck. And yes, I’ve been known to partake in a CW show (or two) and JH on Mtv. I can even hold my own at Beer Pong. My only difference is how I prefer to take my comedy albums. First of all, the fact that I refer to them as comedy albums ages me. Kids today and their youtube College Humor clips. To me, no ifs ands or buts, vinyl is the only way to go with stand-up comedy. It’s hard to explain, especially since I cringe when I hear a song that’s anything less than digitally mastered. Maybe it’s just my way of turning back the clock. Sorta like really, really old people liking B&W shows or Lawrence Welk. I guess it just takes me back to the days of sneaking in the shag-infused den with my friends to use my dad’s turntable. We’d flip on the record, carefully place the needle, sit back and listen while sipping a bottle of whatever from the liquor cabinet. My top 3 vinyl memories would have to be…

GEORGE CARLIN (TOLEDO WINDOW BOX): The sultan of the 7 dirty words. This album has its usual share of drug humor (hence the title) and antiestablishment quips. Though what really cracks me up is his observational stuff. Lost keys, escalators, jumbo shrimp, masturbation, it's all good.

SAM KINISON (LOUDER THAN HELL): The screamer that left us all too soon. I think I memorized almost every bit on this album. The ones that have me still in stitches and begging for air are “If Jesus was married” and “World Hunger”. 

RICHARD PRYOR (LIVE ON THE SUNSET STRIP): Believe it or not this one is a tad before my time. Still if you ever find it buy it. Standard on all albums is his hilarious take on white people. This one he also includes a bit about his sexually active exotic pets and…I’ll just leave it at that.

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  1. So weird, I never got into comedy albums. I wonder if that's a guy thing. PS I gave you a shout out in my last post.
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