Friday, January 22, 2010


Unfortunately in the dead of winter you don’t have too many choices for 100% wholesome, G-rated, resort fun for the entire family. Dollywood is closed ‘til spring. And Disney could be in a grayish area, if you’re bothered by some of their more questionable acquisitions. Though if you are going to be in Florida you might want to consider THE HOLY LAND EXPERIENCE.

Located in the heart of Orlando, this theme park literally transports you 2000 years back to biblical times. Experience ancient Jerusalem as it was meant to be seen. Witness first hand the awe inspiring sites like The Garden Tomb, Qumran Dead Sea Caves, Great Temple and Plaza – all built to scale. Or take in one of the many daily events that are not only designed to entertain, but also teach children valuable lessons straight from the Bible. No heretics here. Just good old fashion creationism at its finest. Click here for tickets savings: Adult passes ($30) / Child passes ($15) / Senior passes ($25). Also check out their money saving Jerusalem Gold Pass membership.

Some of the daily MUST SEE events:

NEW! Parables with Jesus. (15 min.)

David & Golaith (15 min.)

NEW Partake of the Last Supper communion with Jesus (10 min)

Sing along live praise and worship Karaoke

Behold the Lamb (30 min.)

Come to the manger. (35 min.)

NEW! Woman at the wall! (15 min.)

NEW! We shall behold him. (35 min.)

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  1. Yeah they were hiring awhile back. Inspired by the Hangover I wanted to go apply to play fat Jesus.

  2. I saw this on Religulous with Bill Maher.... The stage shows are pretty impressive!


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