Saturday, January 30, 2010


by Nameless Dad (NWM Staff Writer)

82.5% of the country is now experiencing what I like to refer to as the double zero part of the year. Zero time off from work and zero degree cold weather. For the wife and I, takeout and Netflix are a regular part of our Saturday nights – at least until our area thaws out. If you too find yourself looking to fill your N-queue and have seen all the current must-sees, here are some classics of the cheddar-cheesy variety.

TANK (1984 PG): Sergeant Major Zach Carey (James Garner), son (C. Thomas Howell), wife (Shirley Jones) and a vintage Sherman tank move to a small town. After learning the sheriff is up to no good (beating up hookers), Zach tries to put an end to it. Unfortunately, going up against the local law of the land proves to be daunting task. The sheriff gets wind of Zach’s mission and takes revenge on his son Billy (Howell) by tossing him jail. Bring on the TANK!!!!

TOY SOLDIERS (1991 R): The pitch: Die-Hard with kids. A crazy drug czar (with baddies) takes an entire male prep school hostage. Now it’s up to 3 rebellious students (lead by Sean Astin) and the headmaster (Louis Gossett Jr.) to diffuse bombs and takedown evil-doers all before the FBI storms the campus and kills everyone...without Jack Bauer.

THE RUNNING MAN (1987 R): Loosely based on a Stephen King novel (surprisingly on the short-side). Another surprise is it stars not one, but two future governors. The film deals with a futuristic #1 rated reality game show that has prisoners fighting for their lives and freedom. Arnold Schwarzeneggar plays a prisoner contestant that tries to change the rules. Along for the ride are Jesse “the Body” Ventura and twisted, game-host Richard Dawson (Family Feud fame). Arnold gets extra kudos for maintaining his tough guy image while dressed in a yellow spandex jumpsuit.

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  1. God I have not thought about "Tank" in a long time!!!


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