Wednesday, January 13, 2010


This might be a bold statement, but I guarantee that 90% of you guys ages 34 – 45 have (at one time) taken part in an imaginary lightsaber duel. I can still vividly recall being a sprite 9 yr old standing in front of the mirror (in my Muppet footsie pajamas) pretending to be the brave Luke Skywalker taking on the evil Darth Vader. Of course my one major shortcoming (as I’m sure others can attest to) is my technique was for sh*t. Best I could do was swing a wiffle ball bat wildly in the air, while making buzzing noises.

Thankfully today there is a place (in NYC) to hone your saber skills. You don’t even need any Midi-chlorians, just 10 bucks. The New York Jedi offers all types of lessons in areas of the Jedi arts. Taught by experienced martial artists, dancers and Cosplayers that are also Saber masters. You’ll learn special techniques, how to choreograph fights and prepare for the giant Jedi battle later this year. It’s also been documented on morning shows as a great way to lose weight. Oh, and if you're looking to take your dueling up to the next level, private lessons are available. Just click here to contact Master Flynn.

FYI...for those too far, far, away from the galaxy of SOHO you can check out A site that helps you connect with other LS enthusiasts all over the country. No Jar Jars allowed!!!

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