Sunday, January 17, 2010


by Graphic Guy (NWM Staff Writer)

So right now we got the crappy weather outside. And of course, nothing, but crap on TV…at least until the mid-season starts up. Usually I reserve this time to catch up on series I let fall by the wayside. Though even better, I prefer to share an old cherished, cheesy, sci-fi-ish series with a loved one. So if you got a weekend to kill here are 3 suggestions to pass the time.

ALIEN NATION (1989-1990): Unfortunately this FOX series (based on the movie) lasted only uno season before being cut. The TV version took a bit lighter tone than the film. Still, it was steeped in the same mythos. Aliens make contact and have assimilated themselves into our society on earth. The main focus of the series was on human Detective Matthew Sykes (Gary Graham) and alien detective George Francisco (Eric Pierpont). Most episodes deal with them either solving crimes or the aliens themselves facing some type of human bigotry. The plots are tame enough for younger viewers to enjoy or make fun of you for watching. (Complete series is only $24.49 @ Amazon)

GREATEST AMERICAN HERO (1981 – 1983): I remember being so psyched, ‘cause my issue of Ranger Rick had an interview with William Katt. I was a HUGE fan of this ABC series that revolved around school teacher / hero, Ralph Hinkley (Yes, I know it was changed to Hanely after the Reagan assassination attempt). In the first episode Ralph is given a suit (by Aliens) that grant him super powers. Unfortunately Ralph loses the instruction booklet. Still he uses the suit as best he can to fight crime with FBI man Bill Maxwell and girlfriend / lawyer Pam Davidson. (Season 1 is only $14.49 @ Amazon)

QUANTUM LEAP (1989 – 1993): This one to me was the most innovative of the bunch. Dr. Sam Beckett (played by Scott Bacula) becomes lost in time due to a botched experiment. Dean Stockwell plays Al, a virtual guide that helps Sam (through the aid of super-computer Ziggy) discover the reason why he leaps into a certain person’s body. And what he needs to do to right the wrong. Though the series ended too soon, NBC did give it a proper send-off with an unforgettable finale. (Season 1 is $32.49 @ Amazon)

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  1. GAH and QL pwn! I own all seasons of each so yeah I'm a f'n dork alright. ;)

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