Saturday, January 30, 2010


by One Hungry Jew (NWM Staff Writer)

TRUE STORY. My co-worker got hollered at by the Soup Nazi and lived to tell the tale. It was a chilly winter’s day in 1997. We were craving something to warm us up, so I thought why not go to the SOUP KITCHEN INTERNATIONAL. Home of soup maestro Yeganeh aka THE SOUP NAZI. The place was located on W. 55 and 8th ave. When we got there (as expected) there was a line out the door. As far as the place goes, it didn’t look like the show’s version at all, but they totally nailed the look of Yeganeh. I felt like was I was literally in the Seinfeld scene. Which unfortunately was the cause of my friend's demise. I remember following all the rules to the T. I quickly made my soup decision and had my money ready. When it was my turn I rattled off my soup order (Crab bisque), made an extreme pivot turn to the left and stepped 5 paces. Because of my short and stocky stature I looked just like George did on Seinfeld (see clip below). This made my friend crack up. The Soup Nazi was so disturbed by this outpouring of emotion he asked my friend (in a loud manner) to be quiet. P.S. He still got his soup with bread, but didn’t get fruit and chocolate like I did. A very surreal experience.

Sad to say, the Soup Nazi turned himself into a supermarket brand and closed down his soup stand in 2006. Though, yada, yada, yada, there are plenty of other Seinfeld sites still open if you’re looking to scratch that itch the next time you’re in NYC.

MONK’S CAFÉ (diner hangout): Real name of the place is Tom’s Diner. Located on 112th Street in Morningside Heights (NY). Frequented by Colombia students. Sadly no Ruthie Cohen working the register.

MENDY’S (season 6): The place where Bania insists that the soup Jerry bought him does NOT count as a meal. Unlike Monk’s, this is a real chain of eateries in NY – 7 in all. For an authentic Seifeld-ian experience head to the one in Rockefeller Center on West 48th St.

H&H BAGELS (place that employed Kramer): Truly the best bagels around. Hot, crusty and can handle a schmear of cream cheese with the best of ‘em. The official Jerry location is on 80th and Broadway. NEXT!!

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  1. I've been to New York once in my life, for a game show, and I loved it! I was only there for two days though, so I didn't get to see much.... I'll have to check out the Seinfeld attractions the next time I go!


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