Wednesday, January 20, 2010


by Graphic Guy (NWM Staff Writer)

Feb 2nd is closing in fast. Soon all will be revealed, in ambiguous LOST fashion. Until then L-fans are scrambling for ANY clues they can find that’ll give them a scrap of clarity on this upcoming final season. Well apparently you don't have to dig too deep. Carlton and Damon have already tossed us a few bread crumbs in the form of season 6 promo posters ‘n’ pics. It's up to us forum posters and bloggers to figure 'em out. Zoinks!!! Here's what I got so far.

LOST SUPPER: Didn't even come close to coming up with that word play. This is one of the more obvious hints. Photo eludes to the finality of things to come by recreating the cast in a Last Supper scenario. Other shows have also done this too like Battlestar Galactica and Sopranos. My only question is – who is Judas?

LOOK TO THE KEY OF LIFE: This poster had a whole gallery showing attached to it. A Lost fan attended and got to get a print of it autographed by Damon. When the fan probed Damon about the clues in the poster, D simply pointed out that we should look to the flaming symbol Hurly is holding. It's an Ankh, the Egyptian symbol that means key of life. Ok? Plus, we should note that the Oceanic symbol is upside down on the plane. And...I got not nothing again. Click here for the full article.

ROLL CALL: This is the standard promo jobbie the studio puts out. Probably the biggest clue here is who’s included in the line-up. Do I detect Charlie and Daniel in the mix? The other clue (courtesy of some smartie bloggers) is the fact that there are Egyptian hieroglyphics within the words.

What does all of this stuff tell us about the white flash? If you figure it out drop me a line. I'm clueless.

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  2. It feels like it's been ten years since the last new episode of LOST! I have to go back and watch the last couple of episodes from last season to get caught up again....

    Do you think they'll be able to answer all of the questions the fans have by the end of the series?


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