Tuesday, January 26, 2010


by Graphic-Guy (NWM Staff Writer)

With the Golden Globes behind us (and the Oscars in spitting distance) I’m sure you’re going to hear this topic ad nauseam for the next couple of months. Guaranteed they'll be a countless number of articles and posts. I shouldn't have to add to it, but what the hell (with apologies.) I’m talking about THE BEST STRAIGHT AND HOMOSEXUAL DUCK-THEMED CONTENT EVER CREATED. I know, I know…still I figured I’d take my shot and hopefully bring some unique perspective to the table. Here are my top 3 nominations...

DUCKMAN (1994 – 1997): Had a 70 episode run on USA networks. The animated series starred Seinfeld’s Jason Alexander as the voice of Eric Tiberius Duckman. The crappy, womanizing private-eye that recently lost his wife Beatrice. As a result DM was forced to live with his dead wife's twin sister, his mother-in-law, plus his 2.5 kids. The youngest is a Siamese twin. Best moments of the show have to be the scenes between Duckman and his straight-laced, private-eye partner Cornfed Pig (played by Gregg Berger.) Also rounding out the cast playing almost every female character is Nancy Travis (of So I Married and Axe Murderer fame). All-in-all a great series that featured some top notch guest appearances by David Duchovny, Heather Locklear, Brendan Fraser, Joe Mantegna and more! Seasons 1 & 2 are available for $31.14 at Buy.com.

QUEER DUCK (2002): Another animated series that had a quick stint on icebox.com before being snatched up by Showtime. Main character Adam Seymour Duckstein was voiced by Jim J. Bullock (Too Close for Comfort ). In the series Adam D. plays a gossiping, shallow duck that also works as a nurse. Along for the ride are Openly Gator, Bi-Polar Bear and Oscar Wildcat. Even though Queer Duck is a comedy (harkening back to the days of Top Cat) it still tried to be socially relevant. Dealing with topics like gay bashing and homophobia. The 20 episode run (and made for DVD movie) was created by Simpsons producer Mike Reiss. Added bonus – RuPaul sang the opening theme. Queer Duck the movie (2006) is available on Amazon for $15.49.

HOWARD THE DUCK (1986): Before the mega-hit Spider & Iron-Mans of today, Marvel entertainment truly laid an egg at the box office with Howard The Duck. The feature was based on Marvel’s 70s comic book by Steve Gerber. And believe it or not this was a Lucasfilm production. Yes, I’ll freely admit I sat through the whole thing in the movie theater. Didn’t even sneak out with my friends across the hall to see One Crazy Summer. Honestly, if you get past the redonkulous-ness and take the film for what it is, you’ll definitely get a lot more out of it. Especially when being treated to a young, goofy Tim Robbins and sexy, vivacious Leah Thompson. For the 80s the special effects are decent. The standout visual scenes hands down are in Duckworld and the showdown with the big, mutated baddie in the end. Overall you won’t be disappointed if you prepare for disappointment – if that makes sense. The Howard The Duck special edition DVD is available on Amazon for $11.99.

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  1. hahaha Jim J Bullock
    I actually watched a couple episodes of "Duckman"...

  2. Pox on thee for reminding me of Duckman! It had vanished into the ethers long ago, and you just brought it back.

  3. I love Howard The Duck! Early Lea Thompson and an alien duck with a cigar! How can you beat that?

    Are you dismissing Donald and Daffy? Or are the copyright gods holding you down?


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