Saturday, January 9, 2010


Calling all seemingly healthy 18 – 85 human specimens with NO real jobs prospects at this very moment. Universities and medical companies want you to be their personal guinea pig for a day or two or 14. Just check out It’s sorta like the Craigslist for medical research and trials. The site is organized by countries and states so it’s real easy to find super secret government funded experiments right in your neighborhood. Average pay for these trials is around 300 bucks a day. Here is the buffet of possible pokes and prods you can sign on for.

  • Sleep deprivation
  • Time isolation,
  • Bed rest studies - simulate the effects of prolonged space travel.
  • Alcohol, caffeine & nicotine studies
  • Exercise, diet & nutrition studies
  • Psychology studies (personality, perception, etc.)
  • Cognitive studies (memory, concentration, etc.)
  • Sensory studies - testing taste, smell, etc
  • Visual studies
  • Vaccine studies
  • Dermatological (skin) studies
  • Brain wave studies
  • Brain imaging studies
  • Consumer product testing

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