Tuesday, January 12, 2010


What do you use your USB ports for? Productive stuff like jump drives and a mouse? For less than 20 bucks you can power up your own playtime...hopefully on the company dime.

SNOWBOT ($11.99 @ Thinkgeek):

  • Made of sturdy space-age plastic
  • Blue or red (creepy) LED scanning light.
  • Robotic noise
  • Requires only one USB port

PET ROCK ($9.99 @ Thinkgeek):

  • Rock-like design
  • Gray
  • Hard rock feel
  • Handy travel case
  • Requires only one USB port

ROBOT OWL ($19.99 @ Thinkgeek)

  • Realistic movements
  • Eye blinking and head turning motions
  • Three moods: Active, Mellow or Sleeping
  • Comes with clip for monitor or laptop and small stump
  • Stands 3" high when perching on his stump
  • Imported from Japan
  • Requires only one USB port

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