Thursday, February 25, 2010


I’m sure most women can trade embarrassing, horror T-pon stories. Truth be told, I have no right to even grace this topic except in this one positive case – tampon crafts. Specifically TAMPONCRAFTS.COM, an amazing site devoted to exploring the limits of crafting with this feminine flow stopper. TAMPONCRAFTS.COM staff artists provide easy step by step instructions (with photos) to help you make everything from jewelry to holiday decorations to even an iTampon. FYI…all the red color used in the art (like the HEART EARRINGS pictured above) comes from red food coloring (not the O positive stuff).

Click on the craft name for instructions.

TAMPON PAN FLUTE: Plays real music. 8 notes to be exact.

TAMPON TOUPEE: The wig with attitude and absorbency. Wear at your own risk on rainy days.

iTAMPON: Puts the iPAD to shame.

TAMPON FLOWER BOUQUET: Give a girl’s best friend to your best girl.

TAMPON SHOOTER: Just in case they need a little reminding not to mess with you when it’s that time of the month. REALLY WORKS!!!

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  1. Well when I start menopause, many years from now, I will have lots to do with my left over tampons!

  2. HAHA when I thought I've seen it I've truly seen it all

  3. My biology teacher in college called tampons 'Dracula's Tea Bags'.


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