Sunday, February 7, 2010


Super Bowl kicks off In less than 2 hours. Sos once again I’ll be gorging myself into a food coma. To me, chicken wings definitely fits this caloric occasion. Of course, that's ONLY if you have the right bleu cheese. Use a watered down bleu-ish dressing, and you'll totally F the taste of even the best of Buffalo. Here are my 3 winning picks.

#3 – Kraft Roka Bleu Cheese:
This is not their regular dressing brand. It’s a bit more heavy duty on the thickness – compared to Kraft’s regular stuff. The taste is good, and not overpowering. However it still lacks the richness. When you stick a wing in, it should literally be coated like paint. On a personaI note I also feel they could up the cheese chunk a smidge.

#2 – Wish-Bone Chunky Blue Cheese:
This one is still light on consistency, but totally makes up for it with the sheer amount of big bleu cheese chunks they cram in. Almost borders on too much. Almost. As far as taste goes, Wish-Bone is pretty much the sharpest of the bunch. Produces a slightly acidic after-taste with the honey mustard and BBQ wing flavors.

And #1…

Marie’s Chunky Blue Cheese:
Put dressing in a jar and you got me sold. Marie’s just looks like your getting sauce for dipping, instead of dressing. As far as the coating factor, it totally exceeds all expectations. It’s creamy, rich with just the right Bleu cheese crumble ratio. They also score extra points for having 5 Blue Cheese varieties (Blue Cheese Vinaigrette, Blue Cheese with Bacon, Chunky Blue Cheese, Lite Chunky Blue Cheese and the Premium Super Blue Cheese.) For SB, Marie's is a must in my playbook.

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