Sunday, February 28, 2010


As I said in the past (or maybe not) I am a JDate alumni. Never did write ‘em with the marriage story, so I didn’t get their tin Kiddush cup gift – or is that just an urban legend?

Back in the early 00s there were only 3 big online dating entities (I think) – JDate, Match and Yahoopersonals. Not sure when Lavaife came on the scene. Anyhow, I simply joined all 3 and played the numbers. Then ended up with a wife. That’s the story for the grandkids and I’m sticking to it.

Today (if you take a surf on the google wave) you’ll find a dating site for just about any type of urge, fantasy or punishment. Some of the weirder PG-13-ish ones I've seen are for gamers, vampires and yes, Trekkies!

Actually found the last one (TREK PASSIONS) today. It pretty much works like the other dating sites. Throw up the two Ps (pic ‘n profile) and wait. The difference is these people are in fact seeking out a close encounters of the scifi kind. Not just for trekkies either. This site is tolerant of all types of fandoms. Here's a rundown of all the groups (with the member numbers):

Seeking my Imzadi (492), Hitch Hiker's Guide (710), In Pon farr (360), 2001: A Space Odyssey (1034), Alien (1494) Andromeda (804), Anime (915), Asimov (707), Babylon 5 (1163), Battlestar Galactica (1836), Bova (138), Browncoat (400), Clarke (354), Close Encounters (809), Comic Books (1110), Cosplay (231), Cyberpunk (445), Deep Space 9 (1972), Douglas Adams (883), Dr. Who (1484), E.T. (730), Enterprise (1961), Farscape (1288), Firefly (1515), Forbidden, Planet (722), George Lucas (1357), Graphic Novels (787), Heinlein (610), Hitch Hiker's Guide (710), Invasion of the Body Snatchers (524), JRR Tolkien (1349), Klingon Culture (414), LOTR (1531), Machinima (99), Michael Crichton (591), NASA (1168), Next Generation (2366), Piers Anthony (312), Plan 9 from Outer Space (366), Planet of the Apes (927), Red Dwarf (759), Roleplaying Games (1055), Sci-Fi Channel (2308), SETI (682), Slash (134), Speak Klingon (268), Star Trek (3346), Star Wars (2708), Stargate SG1 (1907), Steven Spielberg (1165), The Matrix (1794), The Thing (644), Trekker (1421), Trekkie (1740), Voyager (1904), War of the Worlds (1099), X-Files (1708)

I’m a Level 4 Nerd (with 12 hit points) and I swear I know only 62.4% of these inter-stellar references. FYI...The good news is Trek Passions is totally free to join. The bad news Is the site is totally free to join. I’m just saying payment is a way of deterring some of the undesirables that might refuse to set their phasers to stun. You know what I mean? 'Cause I sure don't.

Check out the Trek Passions commercial...

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  1. This is insane! Wow! I had no idea! I know they have a dating site for vegans or vegetarians but TREKIES? I actually met my husband on a - remember that search engine from like 2001? They had free ads like Yahoo personals. I was on there too. Ugh, remember Hot or Not? That was the worst :(

    Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

  2. I actually met my wife in an AOL chat room.... Way back when people used AOL.... Ally's got me beat with Excite though....


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