Monday, February 8, 2010


I feel like as Americans we don’t give our neighbors of the north their fair shake in life. Lets be honest, at times we treat them like that freaky, troglodytic 3rd cousin we’re supposed to talk to at family functions, but don’t because she has not one, but two lazy eyes.

Hills Have Eyes (personal) tangent aside, it’s full time we thank Canada for the following 50 (that’s right) 50 things.

1- The best darn kids show ever – You Can’t Do that on Television.

2- John Candy

3- Eugene Levy

4- Rick Moranis

5- The rest of the SCTV cast

6- Bryan Adams

7- Glass Tiger (Hit single: Don’t Forget Me When I’m Gone)

8- Canadian bacon

9- Timmy’s (Tim Hortons)

10- ’86 Montreal Comedy Festival

11- Canadian Oreos (yes, there’s a difference in taste)

12- Abdominizer (invented by Canadian, Dennis Colonello in ‘84)

13- Shania Twain

14- Pamela Anderson

15- Labatt brewing company

16- Wayne Gretzky

17- Lunapads (Washable cloth Menstrual pads)

18- Hoser

19- The moose

20- Vancouver Canucks (for losing to the NY Rangers in ’94)

21- Strange Brew

22- Canadian Face Plant (funny Youtube video)

23- Jim Carrey

24- Mike Myers

25- Michael Cera

26- Canadian drinking age (19 – served me well sophomore yr. in college)

27- Namaimo Bar (chocolate, custard, cake-like dessert)

28- Iceberg Vodka

29- Gordie Howe (Hockey Player)

30- Jacoba Francisca Maria "Cobie" Smulders aka Robin Sparkles

31- Canadian weed laws

32- Alpha Flight (Canadian superheroes – no fooling.)

33- Uranium (Canada is the largest producer)

34- Canadian beaver (get your mind out of the gutter)

35- Canadian Border Patrol (sarcastic thanks for searching my dad’s car in ’81)

36- Adult Video Canada (never been to the site, but heard good stuff)

37- League of Canadian poets

38- Dudley Do-Right (top Canadian Mountie)

39- Aboot (kinda funny the way they say it)

40- O Canada (decent anthem)

41- Canadian Mathematical Society

42- Ice Hotel (Quebec)

43- Zenn cars (zero emission / no noise)

44- Canadian cedar

45- Curling (invented in Scotland, perfected in Canada)

46- Canadian quarters (sometimes they work in the vending machine)

47- Backpackers (Canadian board game – no joke)

48- Miss World Canada (currently Lena Ma)

49- Tom Green

50- Oh, and hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver

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  1. "Curling (invented in Scotland, perfected in Canada)" LOL

    I'd also add to that list 'Corner Gas' One of the best TV shows of all time. 'Red Green' who really only gets showed here during PBS drives, 'The Frantics' and all their 'boot to the head' related humor, and Kids in the Hall. Actually I could go on, so I better file it away for a future post.

    Thanks for making me miss Canada.


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