Thursday, February 11, 2010


For those of you having a hard time placing the face, it belongs to the once famous kid actor – Frederick Koehler. He’s probably best known for playing Michael Keaton’s smart allec kid in Mr. Mom and Jane Curtain’s son (Chip) in Kate & Allie.

After the gravy train of cuteness came to a grinding halt Freddie could have gone the route of other kid sitcom actors (with minor roles). Drugs. Porn. Both. But nope, he persevered. And at the ripe old age of 35 (73 in Hollywood casting years), he’s still making a go at it.  Sure, he’s no CASTLE, but Freddie’s still a working actor. In fact, I’d say he’s landed his fair share of marquee commercial gigs. His biggest one is probably in those Fiber One spots.

Fred’s also still nabbing guest spots on top-rated series like Dexter, The Mentalist, The Nine, CSI, Saving Grace and yes, Castle. If you're still drawing a blank, I suggest you check out the best of Mr. Koehler on the entire run of Kate & Allie. Available on Amazon for only 15 bucks a season.


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  1. At least he is working. A friend of mine from LA said out of work actors "litter the landscape" there.

  2. omg!!!!! I knew I recognized that guy! Wow...

  3. Wow, I never really paid attention cause I hate those commercials. That's freaky.

  4. I totally forgot about Frederick Koehler! I'm really happy that he's a regular actor now....

    See, because of the fiber! Boom goes the dynamite!

  5. Holy CRAP how did I miss this? I was a big-time fan of Fred's - my friends went to school with him in NYC. Wow!!! I loved him in Mr. Mom. Such a cutie!


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