Sunday, February 14, 2010


So this is it, Valentine's Day. If you’re anything like the wife and I, you’ll probably shun the restaurants tonight (because of the rip-off specials). C’mon! Eateries can charge 70 bucks per person just ‘cause they slap the word “Lovers” on a Prix Fixe dinner menu? What we usually do is wind up making dinner together. And of course I do the dishes. Which is saying a lot since we live in a NY apartment that doesn’t allow a dishwasher.

After, we do the romantic movie thing. Not a big fan of that genre at all – especially the hardcore films. You know the ones: boy meets girl, boy dates girl, boy kisses girl in the pouring rain, girl goes back to ex-lover, boy uses boombox to serenade girl, girl’s father moves her away, girl and boy are trapped on a sinking boat – blah, blah, blah.

THE ABSOLUTE ONLY WAY I CAN DEAL WITH A ROMANTIC FILM is if it’s some sort of hybrid. Meaning, the film still has that sappy, drippy-ness to it, but has other anti-romantic stuff to keep me watching. Here are my top 5 picks that are guaranteed to make the woman happy and will NOT induce male vomiting.

CHASING AMY (1997): Quirky, good Kevin Smith comedy with a standout performance by Jason Lee. Opening features lots of gratuitous comic book porn. Nerd paradise.

AMERICAN PRESIDENT (1995): Solid Aaron Sorkin/Rob Reiner film that’s sort of like a precursor to the West Wing. Chock full of Sorkin witty dialogue.

ROMANCING THE STONE (1984): Fast-paced 80s action with Danny Devito along for the ride. Also features a hot Kathleen Turner in mud.

WHEN HARRY MET SALLY (1989): Required viewing for all New York Jews. Hands down one of my all time favorite comedies. Classic Meg Ryan orgasmic deli scene complete with Rob Reiner’s mom.

PRINCESS BRIDE (1987): Andre the Giant does comedy…well. Top that.

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