Monday, February 15, 2010


by Eddie Winkle (NWM Staff Writer)

The 134th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show airs tonight on USA Networks at 8/7C (sponsored by Pedigree). Hey, speaking of show dogs, how much would it cost to bury one? Meh segue? Regardless, losing a pet is a harsh reality that almost everyone on the planet has dealt with or will face at some point or another. Except maybe Tibetan Monks, but then again they do raise Koi. [Not sure how’d you flush one of those.]

There are two accepted methods for saying goodbye to your beloved friend.

  • Dispose (flush, trash, etc.)
  • Honor (ceremony, burial, etc.)

I’ve been a part of both ways that has included (no joke) a Viking Funeral for an office hamster. No judgment should be passed on whichever you decide. Though if you do go the honor route the folks at will help you choose from a number of fitting ways to create a proper pet tribute. Praise Artemis (Greek God of pets)!

Package includes:

  • An all polished Jet Black granite tablet and base
  • Your pet's picture permanently engraved
  • Includes engraving for name, dates & an epitaph
  • ONLY $397 (w/FREE* shipping)

Package includes:

  • Absolute Black granite marker with natural sides
  • Your pet's picture permanently engraved
  • Includes engraving for name, dates & short epitaph
  • ONLY $239 (w/FREE* shipping)

Package includes:

  • Your Choice of 4 exotic granite colors
  • Your pet's photo permanently laser engraved on the front
  • Includes lettering for name, dates and epitaph
  • ONLY $227 (w/FREE* shipping)

* Free shipping is offered to all orders within the continental United States.

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  1. Oh geez... the face on the cat urn. He looks like he's saying "what the heck just happened?" So not right.


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