Sunday, February 28, 2010


by Jesse Cohen (NWM Staff Writer)

So I have reached a personal milestone in my blogging career. Yep, I have achieved my 1000th post. Woo hoo. I figured I’d borrow a page from The Daily Dose of Reality (thank you #1 of many), and list everyone that has in some way helped or inspired me through this personal journey of verbal vomit.

My wife – Definitely a patient and supportive woman.
Parents – Supplied the sperm, the egg and love.
Inlaws – Wife would kill me if I didn’t mention ‘em.
My accountant – Hope I get something back this year.
Sister – Avid reader (not of my blog)

My Blogger BFFs (MUST READS):
Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing
Enter the Man-Cave
The Non-Review
The Domestication of a Party Girl
Cheyelle Omar
I Think It's Interesting
Life by Chocolate: Robyn Alana Engel's Blog
Thick Heads

1st crop of blog connections:
The Everythingist
The Ticking Tabloid

Eddie Winkle
Joshen McEwen
Tom McConville
Angry Retiree (Barry S.)
Jani Ogglin
Greg Colfaz
Nameless Dad
Blaze’s Make Up Show
The Dating Advice Show
Nothing Bad Happens to Nick
Video Game Dudes
Joey C. (Meeting Notes guy)

New / Old Friends (some real talented bloggers in the bunch):
365 Daze to 40
Jzt 4 me
Hyenaham game
Taillored Agency (Ross J. Horton)
Laura Glover
Alan Thomas
The Teenage Years – Take 2
Chic & Pink
Frog Queen
Ink & Octane
R.T.K. Bowler
Dark Road Angels
Hissyfits & Halos
Come Together
Kitty Moore
Sited and Blogged
Dad’s Dish Retro Blog
The Sexy Armpit
Letters of Endearment
Live Write Dream
Cosmic Navel Lint
Spit and Glue
30 Days of Thrift Store Madness
Gold Dust And Lipgloss
Moms R The Best
The Robot’s Mustache
Maintenance of Way
Cue The Montage
Getting Back To Me
Tyler K
Pictures of kitties

Awkward posts furnished by:
Discreet Novelty (adult fun)

My very first blog-hata (and motivator):
Drew @ Media Elites

And to anyone else I might've forgotten.

Well, that's pretty much it. So here’s to 1000 more, if you can stomach it.

Thanks again,
Not Worth Mentioning

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  1. woooohoooooo!!!! That is a lot of posts good sir!
    congrats and thanks for the shout out

  2. Dayummm boyeee. Look at me celebrating 500 posts. BAH. 1,000 posts is where it's at!

    Unreal man. You say that you have "less content" than I. I call BS. 1,000 of the funniest goddam posts on ANY site on the internet deserves giant recognition.

    Thumbs up bro, here's to yet another 1,000!

  3. Super guy, super blogger, super team! Cheers to the next 1000 posts (including more oddities you can shove up your rectum) and beyond…


  4. Jesse, I have to say... obviously CONGRATS. Seriously man, you are like the most creative blogger I know in that you can create MULTIPLE posts each day with unique finds that ideas. You already know I'm very jealous of your writing - so witty and clever. So why bother reminding you about your awesome writing style :)

    Def. big props to your wife! I swear, I have no idea how my husband puts up with me... all the time and energy that it takes to blog and follow the great many bloggers I've met on here. I'm reading blogs and approving comments on my BBerry in the movie theater :(

    Seriously man, you're my first bloggin' bud. There for me when that chick dissed me, etc.
    CONGRATS!! I love having someone to talk to about stats, ads, hits and other blogging BS. :)

  5. Thanks Jesse. MAZEL TOV on 1000! That's quite an accomplishment.

  6. Thanks for the shout out on Darker Road!! I am humbled by your greatness and here reading more than I should be sigh--search parties have been sent before, but I can't stop!! I need my fix!! wink

  7. First of all, thanks for including me.

    Secondly, 1,000 posts? Holy Guacamole!

    Congratulations on the milestone. There are only a handful of blogs I check out every day, but this is tops on the list. This site is sick, twisted, completely bizarre at times, and absolutely hilarious.
    I know your next 1,000 posts will be just as awesome.

  8. Wow, I am humbled and honored to be mentioned in your 1,000th post, good sir! Thank you very much!

    Congratulations on reaching such a huge milestone!

    Your posts help brighten my day, and I'm looking forward to seeing many, many more!

  9. Thank so much for all the kind words. Really means a lot.

  10. I hope you have more than 1,000 left in you! Sorry it took me so long to get to this. Many thanks and honors for being included in your 1,000. Keep up the excellent work copyboy!!!

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