Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Those e-rascals got me good this morning. First off the email address said “mailer-daemon” which is tech talk for your e-message got bounced back. What I failed to notice was that’s actually the name someone chose for their email – .com.

But that’s not all. The other way they punked me was in the subject line. It started off with the word “Undeliverable”. So again, I thought it was further proof that I sent an email that got mysteriously rejected. Of course once I clicked on it BAM!!! I was informed about a special new pill that can grow my penis an extra 10 feet. You’ve been warned!!!

See one of the hot ‘n crusty Spam samples below.

Oh, and if you haven’t gotten enough SPAM today check out ENTER THE MAN-CAVE’S BLOG.

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1 comment:

  1. Ha! You got punked by a tin of spam. But seriously, thanks for the heads-up, us Arabs ain't too keen on spam…or anything else pig related for that matter 8-/


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