Sunday, February 21, 2010


K! Pizza-Cone shop (in midtown Manhattan) is changing how we scarf down our slices of za. No need to worry about oil running over and scorching that fleshy area between the thumb and pointer finger. They serve their pizza in a cone. The store manager (Ingo Pinto) got the idea from witnessing the pizzacone craze in Portugal, Italy and Brazil.

The restaurant setup is similar to a TCBY. You got crispy cones and all types of toppings to choose from. Though instead of Gummy Bears and Oreo bits, you have stuff like salami, broccoli, bacon and green peppers. Next, they throw in some sauce and cheese, and in 5 minutes you got the perfect pizza-to-go. Right now a slice goes for $4.90 – a couple bucks more than the old 2009 models. To me it's totally worth it to be able to shove a taste of the future in your mouth!

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  1. Genius! Absolutely genius.

    Unfortunately, it would cost me $4.90 plus the airfare for a transatlantic crossing. I guess it's just regular old flat pizza for my dinner tonight :'(

  2. I think I am dying a little inside- I like to fold my slice!

  3. I love it! A taste of future in your mouth.... In college, I got an A on a marketing presentation, and the professor said the only reason he bumped it from a B to an A was because I likened Krispy Kreme to little drops of heaven in your mouth....


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