Thursday, August 13, 2009


I never had any type of rap. Pretty much my bar/single life (mostly in the 90s) consisted of me standing, holding a beer and getting Jiggy with no one. I don’t blame myself. I blame the system. A bar is like going to a Led Zeppelin concert. Do the ladies want to hang with Robert Plant (of then) or chill out with the oddball, prop comedian opening act? Chances are, they’ll go for door number one. Basically, if you want to impress you need a hook (at least to get the fairer sex’s attention.) After that, it’s all substance and good hair. For great intro-mojo, personally, I’d go for the classic bar trick/bet. Done wrong, cheese city. Done right, could be a nice ice-breaker. Just make sure you have the right bar conditions:

1) Do it on a night that’s not crazy crowded (too many people means no room and the chance of being upstaged by others that don’t need magic.)

2) Make sure you have an audience (at least 3 buddies, bonus points if one is the bartender.)

3) DO NOT try the trick out on the girl (they’ll see it as a cheesy line of BS, plus if goes wrong you might get pepper sprayed.)

As far as the trick goes, be quick and simple. If it's too confusing and long you run the risk of losing the audience. Check out They have a bunch of easy tricks (Sticky Nickel, Bottle Rocket & Happy Cash to name a few) complete with step-by-step instructions. Then, try ‘em out. It'll get some laughs from your friends and draw good attention to yourself. Worse comes to worse – you don’t get the girl, but make a few bar bucks. Best case scenario – good intro, great story for the gandkiddies.

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