Monday, August 31, 2009


by Eddie Winkle (NWM Staff Writer)

In 1997 when the WB decided to make a TV show out of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, I laughed. I thought it’d be the stupidest thing on the planet. Course Joss and friends made me eat my words. I thought Sex and the City the movie would bomb. Wrong again. Now Marvel, Bono and The Edge have teamed up to compose the musical Spider-man: Turn off the Dark.

My Spider-senses are telling me no doubt, this one will SUCK! Maybe I’m jumping the gun. And again, I’d be more than happy to admit I’m wrong. Something just tells me that sinking a boatload of money into this project is not a wise move. Be that as it may, (after taking a closer look at the site) they do have impressive creds. Aside from U2, they’ve signed on Tony award winning director (of the Lion King) Julie Taymor. Even respectable thespians like Alan Cumming and Rachel Wood have joined the spider-crew. Of course (forgetting all that good stuff), the other thing that disturbs me is the villainess sir Bono created. Swiss Miss! Totally, not kidding. And no, it’s not the girl on the hot cocoa packets (though I can imagine the lawsuit brewing). Rumor has it her power is she shoots all kinds of blades.

So basically, theatergoers are going to be treated to 2 hours plus of a guy in spandex hopping around on stage, fighting a little, singing girl with knives. I’d swear on my life I won’t be in the audience in 2010, but then again, I sat through Starlight Express – twice.

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