Saturday, August 29, 2009


Note to upcoming Best Men and Maids of Honor. Hopefully your buddy is doing the marriage thing once, so send ‘em off right. DON'T SKIMP! Spend a bit more on the champagne. Buy a top quality phallic water bottle. And above all, don’t go cheap on the inflatable doll. Sure, it’s the funny appetizer to the night. Usually discarded early. A one trick prank. But honestly, it sets the mood and the bar for the evening. So X the flimsy, rubbery stuff and go to They offer all types of high-end inflatable dolls (from Shari to Butch). All made from 100% vinyl. Plus, also has the latest in cutting edge, adult, blow-up entertainment, like anatomically correct pig and sheep dolls. Again, made from material so sturdy it could double as a pool float for the kids. After you clean it.

See inflatable sheep in action.

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