Tuesday, August 25, 2009


As days go by, more and more is coming out about the strange circumstances surrounding the death of pop icon – Michael Jackson. Yesterday, cops ruled that now they have enough evidence to call this a homicide. Everyone close to Michael have been deeply impacted by this untimely tragedy, except one – Bubbles The Chimp. For those that haven’t lived on the planet earth for the last 20 years, Bubbles was Michael’s primate pal. He had rescued Bubbles from a Texas testing facility in the late 80s. Bubbles would go everywhere with Michael, and was frequently seen enjoying scenic trips on the Neverland Express (Choo-Choo train). He even made an appearance in Michael’s music video for Leave Me Alone. Today, the 26 yr. old chimp has retreated from the limelight, and now calls an undisclosed Florida primate sanctuary home.

"He's a very sweet and nice chimp, he really is," says sanctuary director Patti Ragan. "I've seen him go to the drinking fountain, start to take a sip of water and then, when he hears one of the younger ones coming, he'll step back and let them have a sip." [courtesy of People]

A rep for Bubbles said that he has finally found peace and serenity with his life. He has also been frequently seen at the feeding area with longtime gal pal – Chee Chee. No word on any future plans. For more information about Bubbles new home, and to find out how you can help go to centerforgreatapes.org.

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