Tuesday, August 18, 2009


All right, Matt is back with another review, this time local. So, I went out tonight for drinks and dinner with my brother, we wanted steaks, or at least that ambiance. It was a rare occasion, I was home. We chose to go to Keen's Chophouse, which has roots back to, well a long time ago. To start, we both ordered Grey Goose Martinis, up dirty, I asked if they had blue cheese olives, the waiter said they didn't, an automatic thumbs down, normally. Our drinks arrived, and with them, the waiter brought an extra glass full of olives, and a plate of blue cheese, along with apologies. A+ for ingenuity and for the effort. In fact, given the fun we had stuffing the olives ourselves and the thoughtfulness of the waiter, more than an A+. We waived apps and my bro ordered lamb chops, wimp, in all fairness, they were the large order. I ordered the only thing to order, the mutton chop. Get it, it rules. Along with that, we ordered more martinis, which came with more olives, more blue cheese and more fun. Now, I am a semi pro wine connoisseur, and the wine list here is small, but everything pairs well. We had a Malbec from Argentina it was great. We also had two slightly-hookerish looking girls on either side of us, also awesome. Better yet we spoke with one of the guys with one of the girls and he was cool too. All-in-all two thumbs up for Keens Chophouse, 36th and 6th.

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