Sunday, August 23, 2009


Aside from students with facial hair, the part of college that took the most getting used to for me at least – odd class times. Some days you had to be in at 8am, other days it wasn’t ‘til 1pm. That'll pretty much screw up any internal clock. Throw in quarter draft night or bar buy backs and you’ll be dazed and confused the entire semester. Doesn’t really matter when the professors are passing out syllabuses. Midterms and finals are a different story. Actually knew a guy that slept through one of those. Not the best GPA booster. So make sure you pack the right alarm clock. Anything with music or mood sounds and you’re pretty much guaranteed an extra long snooze. Which is why you need a clock with no mercy like Clocky Alarm Clock on wheels.

Set it for a certain time and it'll wake you up like a regular clock. Though as soon as you hit that snooze bar, Clocky goes to work. It speeds off the nightstand (with its sturdy wheels) and literally looks for a place to hide. Before the snooze alarm sounds off. Then get ready, for a sadistic round of dorm room hide and seek. Click here for Clocky.

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