Tuesday, August 18, 2009


My friends and I were drunk in some sports bar years ago. The name escapes me. Anyway, we decided to order food. Big shocker. The place we were at specialized in wings. So we flexed our beer muscles and (against the waitress's objections) ordered the hottest freakin' wings on the menu – Chernobyl, plus fries. Needless to say about 20 minutes later the fries were gone and the wings – not a bite. They were so hot it irritated our eyes and skin just to touch them. Those wings are pretty much in "Honey BBQ" land compared to Blair’s 16 million Reserve hot sauce.

Just look at the bottle. There’s a warning label that’s not a marketing ploy. It’s Guinness World Record certified hot. Inside this tiny bottle contains 1 mil of pure capsicum crystals. It's like the hottest chili powder in creation! Bottles have gone for as high as $313. And supposedly you can’t use it on food, just experimenting. Comforting thought. The reserve is currently sold out (he only made 999 bottles.) Though fortunately for you hotties, Blair’s got a bunch of other Death Sauces to torch your taste buds. Check out his site at extremefood.com.

See Blair's Death Hot Sauce put to the test.

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