Wednesday, August 26, 2009


To me, probably the Mecca of odd fetish porn will always be Amsterdam’s Red Light District. It’s like some bizarro Great Adventure Animal Safari trip. Streets of scantily clad women, gyrating in day glow cages. Of course entering the sex shops I realized that I had only been to the petting zoo. The underbelly’s belly was right within these aged brick walls. Inside was every type of fetish known to man, woman and beast. I actually winced once or twice. Winced! And I’m a grown man, with years of “accidentally surfing for questionable internet content" under my belt. Anyway, since then I’ve sorta been numb to the whole porn scene. Not that I’ve seen it all. I’m just not surprised as easily. Especially when it comes to magazine racks (west of the art annuals where the covered issues reside). All the low budget stuff looks the same. It’s gotten so that the soft-core mags (FHM, Stuff, Mob Candy, King) are almost on the same level. At least that’s what I thought, until I laid my eyes on the ultimate softcore fetish crossover GIRLS and CORPSES. There’s no way to describe it other than a zombie on girl themed mag. Just check the site’s cover gallery and you’ll see what I mean. Bikini babes ogling charred skeleton remains. Workout women rubbing up against a decomposing, zombie yoga instructor. Flipping through the mag is like an odd fetish flashback to Amsterdam, only with black tape on the privates. Pretty much anything that’s rolling around our muddy sub-sexual-culture they’ve got an article about (with photo spread). Plus, interviews with twisted, horror gore masters like Rob Zombie. They also one up Maxim with their special Girls & Corpses calendar. October's – Seductive Swimmer And Rotting Body In Bermuda Shorts totally does it for me. Check it out.

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  1. Everything just seems softcore now. Everything.

  2. Amazing where did you find this? Agree to the one who replied almost we've seen everything.

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