Sunday, August 9, 2009


In recent years, digital downloads have literally put CDs on life-support, though DVDs have still managed to survive. Mostly ‘cause of the extras. Since their inception, DVDs (especially the big budget movies) have been chock full of special features like interviews, mini-behind the scenes videos, blooper reels, alternate endings and so on. Unfortunately, studios sometimes don’t release all of these cinematic bells and whistles on the first go around. Just look at movies like Iron-Man or Batman: The Dark Knight. The first DVDs did in fact have some extras, but later in the year, the studios released the absolute deluxe editions of each film. So as a fan, are you expected to spend twenty bucks now and thirty bucks later? To me that’s the absolute-deluxe rip-off. My advice is simple. If a film comes out that you totally have-to-have on DVD, wait ‘til the holiday season. No matter what, studios are ALWAYS going to try to capitalize X-mas time with new versions of the movie with even more special stuff. Though, sometimes the follow-up DVD release has different types of features. So check the stats on both versions before buying to avoid the deluxe DVD dilemma. Or just F it, and rent ‘em both on Netflix.

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