Saturday, August 1, 2009


Wandering Matt’s Review: 4th Street Chicago Italian Beef (204 4th Street)

It’s late, you’re drunk, you want FOOD and your in De Moines, Iowa. To be honest, you couldn’t swing a dead cat without hitting some pizza, wing or burger joint [First and last time I use that phrase with food.] Of course, if you aren’t a local you should probably go for something real authentic, like Italian Beef. And what better place to go than Tommy Farrell’s 4th Street Italian Beef on 204 4th street. So what’s Italian beef you ask? All good, nourishing stuff for a growing, drunk, college boy. Sirloin beef simmered in all types of Italian seasonings (straight from mama’s kitchen). Then sliced thin and piled high on chewy bread. Tommy's personal variation is smothering the beef with hot peppers. If this sounds good to you, 4th Street Chicago Italian Beef is the place to go. Oh and if you see Tommy, don’t forget to ask him about his treasured book of mafia members. Trust me, it’ll all make sense once you’re there.

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