Friday, August 7, 2009


Remember those days of teen-dom. Your friend has a party, which consists of 20 (or so) kids in some progressive parent’s basement. A Wham-like band blasts on the record/cassette/stereo. And a sea of cracking voiced, puberty filled teens dance and horseplay. All while munching Cheetos and swigging Diet Cherry 7Up. Of course, as the party dies down (to a handful of kids) that’s when the real fun begins. SPIN THE BOTTLE. The game usually presented its own challenges depending on the bottle you found. Plastic was all over the place. Glass could break. And somehow the spins were never that accurate and could be fixed (depending on skill.) Well with Toys4Me's Electronic Spin the Bottle all those problems disappear. No more bad spins. No more questionable "which kid did it land on" calls. It’s all the teen-tensioned fun, without the work. It even has a truth or dare mode. On the box it mentions something about “all boy” and “all girl” play. I’ll just stay away from that one, thank you. Grab Toys4Me's Electronic Spin the Bottle for your youngsters on Amazon for only $9.99. And coming soon – 7 Minutes in Heaven for Wii.

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