Friday, August 28, 2009


The 2009 – 2010 NFL season has already had some bizarre betting scenarios, even before the first official game has kicked off. Will Brett Favre come out of mini-retirement – again? Is Mike Vick team worthy? Granted, most probably missed these odd gambling odds. However, there are plenty of weird wagering you can take advantage of for game time. Brought to you by the folks at and the city of Las Vegas.

Please NOTE: Some of these bets are reserved for the Super Bowl.

First item (caught on camera) being thrown on stadium field:

- Concession stand staples (hotdogs, pretzels, coffee, pizza, nachos, etc.)

- Batteries

- Snowballs (depends on region and season)

- eggs (rotten or hardboiled)

NWM Pick: Go with Pretzel. Easiest to fling.

How long will it take to sing the National Athem?

NWM Pick: Standard bet is under 2 minutes.

Which player will most likely get arrested first, before or after the Super Bowl?

NWM Pick: Too early to tell at this point. Though Pacman and TO might be good options.

First End Zone celebration of the game:

- Touchdown spike

- Roundoff or backflip 

- Snow angel

- Chicken dance

- Dunks football through uprights

- The worm

- Pulls out cell phone

- Pulls out Sharpie, signs football

- Moonwalk

- The Hora

- Macarena

NWM Pick: Chicken Dance all the way.

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