Sunday, August 9, 2009


Like many HBO-ians, I am glued to the TV every Sunday night at 9pm for another installment of True Blood (The Vampire/Supernatural series based on the books by Charlaine Harris). Wondering how Sookie, Bill, Lafayette and the rest of the residents of Bon Temps, Louisiana are going to escape all kinds of uber-bloody messes. Of course (because this is such an unconventional show), I’m always drawn to how a series like this will market itself. Aside from airing regular network promos, placing outdoor ads and a Comic-Con appearance what other venues are they using to gain viewers. That's my marketing / ad guy roots showing. Surprisingly, I actually thought True Blood dropped the ball. They have the golden egg of brand-marketing as the focal point of the show. And yet, they do nothing with it. That is until now. HBO is officially in the beverage biz. For 16 bucks (plus shipping) you can own a 4 pack of Tru Blood, the drink. The controversial recipe is varied a bit (they use blood orange), but the packaging and liquid color are pretty much the same. The taste of Tru Bood is being billed as a slightly tart and sweet carbonated drink. Unfortunately, it’s only available online, but I’m sure it won't be long ‘til you'll be able to scare one up at your neighborhood watering hole – on the rocks or warmed.

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