Sunday, August 23, 2009


Last summer, no one could escape the shadow of the bat. Batman: The Dark Knight grossed over 500 billion bucks. It pretty much ruled 2008, and I’m sure is up there on the all time list. Though flashback 16 years before, and the world was captivated by another creature of the night – Bat Boy.

On June 23, the Dark Child made his first tabloid cover appearance on Weekly World News. Reporter/fictionist Dick Kulpa was the first to break the story, about the scientist Dr. Ron Dillon who discovered a half human half bat deep in the Lost World Caverns of West Virginia. Standing at 5 ft tall, the winged creature was brought into custody.

Of course mere chains can't hold the amazing Bat Boy. Soon he escaped and other stories followed. Bat Boy attacks a girl. Bat boy rides the subway (on the roof of course). And my personal favorite, Bat Boy endorses Al Gore. Aside from the articles, Bat Boy became a hit for the paper. He was the subject of cartoons, a book and even a musical (off Broadway). Bat Boy was last scene in California protesting Proposition 8, before he dropped out of site.

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