Friday, August 28, 2009


Now that I’m married (to a WAY shorter person), I have no problem admitting to this past hidden, fashion accessory. My driver’s license says I’m officially 5’ 5”. Truth be told, I’m 5’ 4 ¾”. A height that very much SUCKED when dating. I did one of those online “connect with girls” sites (rhymes with PlayDATE). When it came to my profile, I did fudge that little fact. I think I said I was 5’ 6”-ish. As guys, there are all kinds of things we can do to keep the “good looking” illusion alive when meeting face-to-face. Wear vertical stripes or dark colors for a slimming effect. Leave the shoulder pads in the jacket. Stuff like that. However, it’s hard to fake 5’6”. Best I could do was get there early, and be seated before she arrived. Then I’d do the obligatory half-stand when she got to the table (to conceal, yet make it seem like I was chivalrous). Thankfully, halfway through my dating slump, I discovered the Richlee company (designers of elevator shoes since 1939). On the site you’ll find pretty much any type of shoe style. And they honestly look like regular shoes. Casual, dress, sports, sandals – they've got 'em all. The one difference being is that they have an insert inside to give you that extra lift. How much? It changes, depending on the shoe. They list the inch lift in the shoe description. Back in the day, I had bought the Nubuck Plain Toes that gave me an extra 2.5”. Might not seem like a lot to you tree people, but that’s putting me in the 5’7” range – an inch past my imaginary height. I was finally able to fake tall. At least 'til it was a beach date.

If you do wind up buying a pair, there are two things you should keep in mind. 1.) At times they are a bit tricky to balance in. The insert tends to move around. It's sorta like walking in heels (so I’ve heard). 2.) The insert also weighs your feet down. Not by much, but after walking a while it’ll give you quite a workout.

All in all, Richlee makes a quality shoe that I'd totally recommend. A bit expensive, but then again, it's a small price to pay for a BIG 2.5 inches.

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