Monday, August 24, 2009


For sitcoms (or any show for that matter), “Jumping the Shark” is unavoidable. However, there are some proven Hollywood tricks that have helped to avoid a mid-season cancellation. Two of the most popular "temporary" pardons are the getting married thing and having a baby. It still doesn’t avoid the end – it just might stretch out the plotline for a season or two. Comic books too are no different in the area of ratings. If no one's reading issues, you’re off the shelves (or spinner rack). Case in point. After 68 years, the America Comic Book’s classic series ARCHIE maybe greasing up the water skis. Seems mature (internet savvy, Disney Channel watching) kids of today are slowly, but surly getting tired of Riverdale’s most popular teen. I gotta wonder if this is really  true, how come I still see the digest-sized books prominently displayed in every freakin’ supermarket? Somebody must be buyin’ them. Well be that as it may, the powers that be feel a good pump in the artery would be to finally marry off the freckle faced teen. So who does Archie choose? ****SPOILER ALERT (again, if you care)****  It’s not Betty. Veronica wins the most eligible bachelor (next to Jughead). The storyline will unfold in a 6 part series, starting with issue #600. I won’t give away much more other than it’s NOT totally a dream sequence. Oh, and YES, Josie and the Pussycats are playing the wedding.

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