Wednesday, August 19, 2009

“tlhIngan maH!”

Ahh yes, I can remember backpacking through Europe. It was an amazing experience, filled with art, culture and cheap hotels. Of course the one major issue I had in each country (other than no money) was the language barrier. It took me forever to figure out vital phrases like:

“Where’s the bathroom?”

“Does this blazer come in Kelly green?”

I can only imagine the problems I’d have if I was on let’s say the planet Qo'noS or the moon Praxis. I mean I know like zero Klingon phrases, except that peace thing with the fingers I can't do (that might be Vulcan). Well thankfully, I don’t have to set my iPhone to stun, just The site has lots of everyday, helpful Klingon phrases  for any situation. They even have an audio section that actually pronounces the word correctly, so you won't embarrass or get yourself killed. And fear not fellow Federationists, new Klingon words are being added every day.

Hab SoSlI' Quch! [your mother has a smooth forhead!]

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