Wednesday, August 26, 2009


ATTENTION all 3 people that bought L. Ron Hubbard’s Battlefield Earth DVD. Today, the 5th and final Easter Egg has been discovered! Here’s the current rundown of all the hidden gems.
1.) For B-Roll Footage and Make up Tests:  Go to main menu on Special Features. Press right to highlight the spaceship. Then press enter.
2.) Even more B-Roll Footage: One second page of Special Features Menu highlight the pyramid and press enter.
3.) Cool Stunt Clips: Highlight hidden elements in Cast & Crew section.
4.) Bazooka Shot: Go to Scene Selections (chapter 7-12) and scroll through until the hidden Psychlo image appears. Then press enter for scene.
5.) Mystery Hidden Clips: Watch movie with the Audio commentary. You'll eventually see a psycho letter appear on the sceen. Select it and you'll be beamed to the extra behind-the-scenes footage.
Special thanks goes out to Starbuck54 for finding that last one. Definitely worth the wait!

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