Friday, August 14, 2009


Every now and then you see some bands/singers do the ol’ country crossover. In the 90s, you saw southern belles like Shania Twain, Dixie Chicks, and Leann Rimes two-steppin' over to pop territory. Recently bands like Bon Jovi and Kid Rock have made reverse jumps from rock to rock-ish country. Of course Cowboy Troy has made the grandest gallop of them all. Country to Hip-Hop. Cowboy Troy is being billed as a country rapper. Troy's music has a kinda hard hip hop edge to it, but is still firmly rooted in country (if that makes any sense.) He has 4 studio albums under his big buckled belt. Two of which (Loco Motive & Black in The Saddle), hit Billboard’s top 100 for country. Troy has made appearances on USA Network’s Nashville, WWE’s Raw and at the Republican National Convention in 2008. No word if the duet he did with the Notorious Dick Cheney will ever be released as a single.

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