Sunday, August 30, 2009


by Jani Ogglin (NWM Staff Writer)

Shari (what she asked to be called) is now retired, and lives on the upper east side in Manhattan. However, once upon a time, she worked in the craft service biz in Hollywood CA. Recently, I was able to sit down with Shari, and ask her about the glory days at Ren-Mar Studios. Working as a caterer on the set of the Golden Girls.

NWM: So when did you actually start working with Blanch, Dorothy, Rose and Sophia?

SHARI: I started when they were two seasons in. It was 1987 I think. I worked for Star Nosh craft services.

NWM: Did you only work for Golden Girls?

SHARI: Pretty much. All the shows had their own caterers. One of my friends worked for the company that serviced Empty Nest.

NWM: How were the cast and crew?

SHARI: Very friendly. Not at all demanding compared to other places I worked. One time they had to hold off shooting on the set of Webster ‘cause one of the directors had to have a black and white cookie with his Diet Shasta.

NWM: Did you ever get to talk to any Golden Girl stars?

SHARI: Not as much as you’d think. We’d set up while they were shooting. Though, Betty once asked me for my Blueberry Cobbler recipe.

NWM: What did you mostly make for them?

SHARI: Depends on the time of day. Usually danish and coffee for the early morning shoots. Sandwiches and pasta salads for lunch. Estelle loved our tortellini and tomato salad. Dinner usually varied a lot depending on the shoot time. Nothing too heavy, usually.

NWM: And what was your fondest memory.

SHARI: Without a doubt it was when I watched Bea Arthur’s schnauzer, Remy – during a day shoot. She was sooo thankful, she actually gave me a special Golden Girls Christmas ornament. Unfortunately I lost it when I moved last October. Still, she was a class act all the way.

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