Thursday, August 27, 2009


The allure of humans eating dog treats – a classic money bet. Let’s face it, with this economy you might find yourself in this situation. If you do, keep these three rules in mind.

1.) Go for the dry-ish stuff over the canned, wet, congealed food (easier to stomach).

2.) Size matters – you’ll do much better with 3 little treats, instead of scarfing down a big biscuit.

3.) Get the money up front (anything less than $20 is highway robbery).

As far as which is the best brand to snack on, here are the top 3 NWM picks:

Snausages: At a quick glance it does sorta look like an elongated pig in a blanket. So at least it’s visually appealing. Plus, it’s got cheese with a savory beefy center. Not so bad texture wise.

Milk Bone biscuits (for puppy or small dogs): Has the consistency of dry, dry crackers. Big plus is that they are teeny-tiny. Don’t let the colors fool you. They all taste the same.

Purina Beggin’ Strips: Go for the original Bacon. It definitely has a strong, bacony aroma, so that’s good. The only problem is this one is slightly chewy. Might be bad for the gag factor.

All of these choices are small enough that a big glass of water will be a big help in forcing down. Just check the warning label before eating. Dollars to donuts the bet purse won’t cover a trip to the hospital.

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