Saturday, January 2, 2010


by Graphic Guy (NWM Staff Writer)

Anyone who has been up on the Green Lantern comic books knows that right now the big DC crossover series BLACKEST NIGHT is going on. Penned by the Comic Book Writer of the Year (ala Spike TV) Geoff Johns. Probably his best GL work since the Sinestro Corps War in 2007.

If you know anything about the hero Green Lantern you know that all of his power comes from his ring. In the BLACKEST NIGHT series Hal Jordan and his Green Lantern Corps are teaming up with other ring bearers of different colors (yellow, red, orange, blue, indigo, etc.) to take on the evil Black rings.

To help promote the series DC came out with a Nerd’s (sorry) "wet dream" of promotions. Actual rings based on the series. All the rings are free, unfortunately, different comic book stores gave out different rings at different times.

At this point all the nerd bling has pretty much been handed out. So I’m afraid your best bet for capturing a complete set is taking to ebay. Most of the ones I saw are in the $20s.

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