Monday, February 1, 2010


Watch out Omaha, Trump is trying to take your turf. He's got no beef with the surf. This prime real estate mogul is carving into the prime, grade-A beef market with TRUMP STEAKS.

“Now you can enjoy the same mouth watering steaks that I serve in my restaurants…in your home.” The Don’s words, not mine.

The Trump-meister is dishing out all the carnivorous classics like…

Filet Mignon (4 – 6oz) – $99
NY Strip Steak (4 to 16 oz) – $189.95
Kobe Steaks (2 -6oz) – $149.95

You can even send BEEF BASKETS to loved ones, like the…

Trump Classic Collection: $249

2 – 8oz Filet Mignon
2 – 16 oz. NY Strip Steak
2 – 18oz. Delmonico Rib-Eye Steak

And coming soon – fabulous recipes from the TRUMP CHEFS!!!

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  1. Jesse - I gave you an award. Yes another one. Check it out when you get a chance:

  2. I hope I won't find a piece of his toupee hair in my filet!!!
    What a douche


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