Friday, January 1, 2010


by Greg Colfaz (NWM Staff Writer)

Yo from Cottonwood, Idaho. So for severe hangovers (ala New Year’s Eve bashes) my tried and true remedy is pretty much anything big with an excess of grease. In my mind, I imagine the bad alcohol particles getting sopped up by the grease particles so it’s all good for you in the end. Here are my top 3 picks, courtesy of Adam’s Man V. Food show on The Travel Channel.

BIG LOU’S PIZZA (San Antonio, TX): Order the “Big Lou”. This premiere pizza measure’s 42-inch x 3 1/2-foot wide and is a whopping 70-lbs. Not including the mountain of toppings you can pile on this monstrosity.

OLD SALTY DOG (Sarasota, FL): The “must order” is their foot-long hot dog deep fried in beer batter.

MEAN PIG BBQ (Little Rock, AR): Here you can take the “Shut Up Juice” challenge which involves trying to devour a super, super spicy pork sandwich. Apparently you have to sign something before you order. My kinda cure!

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  1. Two months ago, we spent our one year anniversary in Sarasota and actually visited the Salty Dog because of that episode of Man vs Food (husband loves this show). We also visited this place- Munchies 420 Cafe. Hubs had the fried dog, said NJ dogs are way better... Munchies attempt at the famous Rutgers grease trucks fat sandwiches was definitely awesome!

    Check it:


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