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In the short time of being a part of a blog community, I’ve found only one thing to be a bit of a taboo subject. Viewers. People don’t readily offer up that stat to other bloggers they’re close with. Telling friends and family not of this blogging world is totally a different story. I just think the successful viewer-magnets don’t like to come off as being a braggart to bloggers just starting out. And that’s why I like this ever-growing group. It’s not just made up of some really talented writers, but supportive, nurturing people that are decent human beings as well. Sorry to schmaltz-out.


Ok, well not quite yet. Before I get to the Germans I will tell you that as far as viewers go, I do ok (thanks to a lot of my new found blogging buds). I’m just starting out so I’m NOT even close to 1000 daily views. Though I don’t know about you guys, I’d consider signing a contract from a certain ruby-skinned, horny individual to achieve that goal. [For another post.]

So back to the 742 Germans…

A while back (Jan. 6th, 2010) I had a post that was simply titled – MODERNISH CUBICLE WARFARE. It pretty much dealt with cool toys that shoot stuff at coworkers. That’s it. As far as viewers go, the article did ok. Then like other posts it became just another tiny pebble on the giant superhighway. Of course all that changed this past Monday (Feb. 1st). My google analytics showed that the article had 1,542 page views! And Tuesday netted me 507 PVs!

All of ‘em came from this one German forum, Call of Duty & Modern Warfare Community. FYI…for those that don’t know, Call of Duty is a popular video game series.

At first I was I was psyched. I mean over 1000 eyes on my article alone. Awesome right? Yeah, well that feeling was short-lived as soon as I discovered the average time spent on the article – a whopping 5 seconds. So yes, it pretty much means that yours truly is reaping the pseudo-benefits from some sort of e-mistake.


Not a one. The site is in German so I can’t find my post. The only thing I can possibly assume is that my title (MODERNISH CUBICLE WARFARE) might coincidentally have the exact same wording as a post subject for one of the more popular gaming tips on the site. Other than that I got nothing, but 742 empty views. Help? Anyone?

Oh, and for those keeping score, the most views came from the following German cities…Berlin, Hamburg, Nuremberg, Munich and Essen.

Auf Wiedersehen! [means Seacrest Out!]

P.S. I was going to make some joke about Hasselhoff comments, but Lisa beat me to the punch. Well played Party Girl.

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  1. Ze Germans eh!? Ahh meine liebe you're like the Hof of blogging to them! das gut!

  2. That's pretty killer. Even with the limited time spent it's pretty novel to say German's love your site.

  3. To be serious:
    Call of DUty: Modern Warfare (PC-Version)sucks pretty bad lately. More and more problems occur and a sarcastic comment was done that we would be better off buying one of your shown workspace-weapons. (saracstic towards Call of Duty, not you).
    So it was kind of a try of a mod to lighten up the mood after several bad news made it go down the drain.


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